alin huma (akabe) wrote,
alin huma

In Tokyo ...


.. this week will see ...

Thursday 14th. limited release of Arena - an artist book made specifically for the exhibition Drrreeeeaaaaammmmmsssssssszzzzz!!!! at Motus Fort gallery. 6 pm , Mitsuyoshi Building, 1-3-5 Higashi Kanda, 2nd Floor, Chiyoda

Saturday 16th. an extended preview of the first 3 titles FdC Books: Gilles Weinzaepflen: Le zèbre de Marah, Arnaud Meuleman 天鵞絨毛蕊花, Alin Huma: Jaques-Henri Lartigue. The function starting at 7PM will preclude the Rwd/Fwd party proper at Kami Hachi Bldg 8F 2-12 Sakuragaokacho Shibuya-ku
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