April 3rd, 2007


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We spent most of 2003 in Sydney trying to set up a magazine.
After immense frustration it went nowhere but out of its ashes
TA KE HA RA, a kind of anti-zine, was born.
The commitment was to publish it in the order of the japanese
kana from A and keep doing it till we get to N.
Issue A saw some distribution while I only became famous for
fifteen people. Issue U has been sitting unedited on a harddrive
for over two years and will be finished one of these days.

Since there are plans to pick it all up again at E and get back to
the original commitment, thought it might be appropriate to make
#I famous to another fifteen people first.

Here it is in all its glorious hundretsixtysomething pages. (PDF 12.36 Mb)

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